Monday 17 September 2012

How to be the best of unfriends

I've thought about this a fair bit in the last couple of years. Have we "sacrificed conversation for mere connection"? How many of your Facebook "Friends" have you actually even interacted with in the past 12 months? And I don't mean random "Likes" of each others photos - I mean real interaction, conversation. I bet if you take the time to look through your Friends list, you'll find names you've forgotten were even there, or people you don't really know at all. I like the idea of a "friend-decluttering exercise" like the author undertook... or perhaps I just like the idea of all that travel! :-)

My favourite line in this article is: "A terminated friendship, after all, needn't necessarily signal a horrifying defeat, to be expunged from memory. One might just as easily think of it as "completed". "

The other interesting line is this: "Facebook itself hates unfriending, for commercial reasons".

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Study perspective

Got my marks back for last study period - turns out the difference between almost killing myself with stress and over-the-top-perfectionism, a'la previous subjects, and just doing what needs to be done without obsessing over it (TOO much), a'la this one, is 5-10 points, which includes approximately 3-5 hours less obsessing... err I mean STUDYING, per week. Have decided I'll happily live with a Credit as a fair trade for sanity and a more acceptable work/study/life balance :-)

Tooth Fairy

6yo: "How does the tooth fairy know when someone loses a tooth?"
Me: "Well, it's like magic..."
6yo: "OR, the tooth fairy has a tiny computer and they keep track of everyone, and... "

My child :-)