Wednesday 28 October 2015

Hip rehab - 5 months post-op

The biggest problem I'm facing at the moment is that my whole body seems to be out of alignment. This morning I visited the physio and he fixed a lot of it, but now after dinner I'm feeling a little bruised.

He explained that it's because I've been walking around without a lig teres since 2009, and unstable for the last year or 2 since the surrounding ligaments stretched, so my body compensated for that. Now my hip is stable again, my body is readjusting again. Everywhere, it seems!

He tested all my reflexes and it seems I now have the perfect hip, yay! And apparently my recovery at 5 months is where the last person was at 7 months, so that's quite impressive when you consider she's 15 years younger than I am.

The task for the next week is to get 2 hours of exercise bike in. This will loosen up the knee joint and some of the scar tissue that's formed, and then he's going to stretch out my knee and hopefully make it less uncomfortable.

Then he says "You need to make an appointment with John, to get an all-clear to start jogging". WTF?! He says "I'm going to get you jogging or die trying". I said "You may well die laughing!".


Wednesday 21 October 2015

Puppy News :(

We have regretfully decided to rehome our puppy. I spoke to the breeder and explained some of the problems and he said what I already knew - she has a very "poodle" personality, and she needs another puppy friend so she can have the constant attention she craves.

She is really happy when we're around, and completely miserable when we aren't - constant whining and even howling, and destruction just to get attention. I feel like we can't make her happy, and that makes me very stressed. Unfortunately we don't have room for a 2nd dog.

The breeder has offered to help us rehome her. Today Muffin & I visited a lady who contacted me via them - she is looking for a friend for her 3yo dog Jordy. Jordy & Muffin spent 2.5 hours together (I went to the shops for an hour and left her there), and had an absolute ball.

They don't have a very big backyard but she can be an inside dog in an older, very dog-friendly house and Jordy's mum is home all the time and doesn't care if she pees everywhere (she managed 2 on the carpet in 2.5hrs, doh). She didn't destroy anything because she was too busy playing. Jordy's mum is also mum to a lovely 24yo girl with a disability, who fell in love with Muffin on the spot. I suspect Jordy's mum is a far more patient mum than I'll ever be!

Now Muffin is back home from her visit, and miserable again. I promised my daughter I wouldn't do anything until she got back from camp, and I thought Jordy's mum should have time to think about it, even though she already said they'd love to have her, so I will call tomorrow. I know this will be the best thing for Muffin, but I've never given a dog away before so I'm suffering terrible guilt.

We've explained the situation to the kids and they're sad but they understand that we need to do what's right for Muffin. My husband​ keeps telling us, it's not like giving one of the kids away - dogs will form a new pack and be completely happy, and they don't spend their lives pining for their mother. Still feel shit though... :(

Friday 16 October 2015

DIG351 - website mockup

My fake ecommerce store web design mockup for DIG351. Now I just have to build it!


Monday 5 October 2015

The Wellness Walk

My biggest post-op achievement to date - yesterday the kids and I completed The Wellness Walk, a 4.5km walk through the leafy streets of Ivanhoe for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre. We walked in memory of Dad and Opa. The hip held up well and I'm feeling fine this morning. What a day!

To support cancer research, please visit
Finished! #onjcwc

My little guy, walking for someone who made it, and some who didn't ❤❤❤ #love him #onjcwc