Monday 23 June 2014

Cone of Shame finally gone...

Nice new haircut. And a ribbon!:)

Last day with the Cone of Shame...

It has not slowed me down. This week I learned how to drag EVERYTHING in the laundry, out the doggy door and around to the backyard. I also figured out how to break into the garage so I could steal Josh's shoes. SHOES! Last week I got hold of Mum's Crocs. Fun times.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Day 1 post-op...

Hate this collar. Not happy with Mum for putting it on me. Decided to go outside for wee, then hide in the bushes where she can't see me. Got stuck. Turns out Mum COULD see me cos she had to climb in and get me out. Inside now. VERY not happy :(

Monday 2 June 2014

Back to the work/study shuffle today. Wish me luck!

Week 1 of DIG251 - Internet Design - Introduction. Which might look like I'm cheating, but there's a difference between web design and web development and while I try to do both, any web design I've ever done has been entirely self-taught.

The defined Learning Outcomes are:
  1. reflect on how the World Wide Web has evolved from its specialized origins to the now-ubiquitous role that it plays in our information-based society
  2. edit and optimise suitable text and graphics for web delivery with an emphasis on streamlined readability and efficient graphic formatting/compression
  3. understand and navigate copyright issues relating to the use of media and content in a digital authoring environment
  4. understand and apply basic website usability and accessibility concepts in the design production and delivery of a website using hypertext markup language (HTML5) and cascading style sheets (CSS3).
I use a different approach in my work to 4., I was there for 1. and self-taught in 2. and 3., so I'm expecting that this unit will be another of my "fill the gaps" subjects. Plus, it's a prerequisite for a couple of 3rd year units that I want to do.

The last time I created a non-CMS website in HTML was using HTML3 or HTML4, no CSS, at least 10 years ago (probably more). I used to hand-code in Notepad. I've since taught myself CSS and updated my HTML skills, but only in terms of reconfiguring paid Joomla! templates to make them look how I want. So this could be interesting! :)