Friday 28 October 2011

Free speech

I can't recall who I was having the conversation about free speech with recently... but this article pretty much says it better than I could!

For the record, my personal views of Andrew Bolt best remain unpublished.  But allowing a judge, or Parliament, to decide what an individual can or cannot say, is not something that's ever going to sit comfortably with me.  I like this paragraph in the article best:

Democracy depends on the free flow of information and ideas. Opinions must be shared in 'a free and open encounter' because it is the competition between ideas that produces the truth. As Fredrick Siebert explained: 'The true and sound will survive. The false and unsound will be vanquished. Government should keep out of the battle and not weigh the odds in favor of one side or the other.'

Monday 3 October 2011

Facebook's New Timeline & Perceptions of Privacy (via

Everyone's Facebook profile will disappear on 6 October 2011, replaced with a Timeline. I've already changed mine and while the Timeline is very, very different, it's also pretty cool once you get used to it. This is an excellent post by one of my lecturers which covers some of the changes and privacy implications. Worth a read.