Thursday 15 January 2009

Using P2P file-sharing

Disclaimer:  P2P file sharing as a technology is not illegal, however downloading certain file content may constitute a breach of copyright laws.  This website is in no way responsible for WHAT you download - this article is merely to provide instructions on HOW to set up P2P file sharing on your home computer.

First off, you need to install a BitTorrent application.  Downloading BitTorrents is a 2 step process - you download the torrent file, which is a tiny little text file with information in it, and then you open that torrent file in your BitTorrent application which will then go off and find all the "bits" to download the file (these "bits" will be all over the place).

The second stage is to find torrent files. BitTorrents are free, you shouldn't need to join a site or pay anyone money to find them.

Good luck!

**This post has been edited to remove reference to obsolete software and practices 1/1/2020**