Wednesday 27 April 2016

Hip rehab - 11 months post-op

Visited Amir this morning. He tested everything hip-wise and was looking quite pleased with himself, everything looks (and feels) great and he's declared me "like normal"!

However, my knee has continued to play up so this next month is all about sorting that out. Apparently when a tendon is taken from behind the knee, it heals a bit shorter, so I've effectively been walking around with a slightly bent knee all this time.

He did this horribly painful stretching thing and it DOES feel better and I can now lift my leg the same way as the right side - but it made me realise I have virtually no muscle in my left quad/hamstring, compared to the right.

Hilariously, I now have to start jogging... behold my schedule for the next month!

Yes, that is a football oval, and yes, the numbers represent the number of times I need to JOG around one.

If anybody sees me, please try to contain your amusement. :)