Monday 29 February 2016

Hip rehab - 9 months post-op

After several attempts at physio, which seemed to fix the back problems but not my sore neck, I decided to try something different. I visited a remedial massage therapist, who also specialises in acupuncture and shiatsu, and had a full body treatment that lasted 90 minutes. It was amazing! I stood up and felt like my left leg was finally the right length, and all the back & neck pain was gone.

A few days later and I'm sleeping well, and really, the only ongoing problem I'm having is with my knee where the graft was taken from. It's funny but after the massage I'm no longer subconsciously protecting the hip, but now my knee keeps catching in quite a painful way.

Exercise-wise, I probably only get onto the exercise bike once a week, as it's hurting my knee and I have to let it settle down. But I'm walking 2-3km every day so hopefully that makes up for it!