Friday, 22 October 2021

Hooray, we're FINALLY out of lockdown!

Melbourne has officially emerged from the longest cumulative lockdown in the world - 262 days, or nearly nine months.

Last week, my brother asked if I was happy about lockdown finally ending and I couldn't even feel enthusiastic. It's been so exhausting that it was hard to envisage what no lockdown would look like, or believe that it is actually going to be the last one (this was our 6th).

This week, Victoria hit the vaccine target of 70% of the population fully vaccinated, and 90% with the first dose. This triggered the end of some restrictions. In all, Australia has seen less than 1500 deaths for the total pandemic, so the majority of Australians (despite what you might have seen in the news) have viewed these restrictions as well worthwhile.

Last night, I saw a plane fly over and that was so unusual people were stopping and looking up at it. I hadn't realised I hadn't seen a plane for ages until I saw that.

This morning, I went for an appointment and the cafes are allowed to open with people allowed to sit down, the local nail salon is full, and the local barber is totally full with a line out the door. And everyone is smiling.

At times it's felt like one of those apocalypse movies where only a few people had survived and they're wandering the streets as rubbish and twigs are blown around in the wind. Today, the sun is shining, summer is coming and things are looking up. Hope everyone is well.


Sunday, 9 May 2021

Finally finished!

Sometime last century (not even kidding, it was before I met my husband), I fell in love with a pattern for a 3D tumbling blocks cot blanket and decided to make a doona/duvet cover from the pattern. Measured it all up to the right size, created templates, bought all the fabric, cut all the pieces out and started sewing. And then... stopped. Husband, children, work, study, travel etc = no time for sewing.

Last year during lockdown I found the bag and decided to finally finish it. I couldn't work out why I'd stopped last time, until I unrolled it and immediately remembered - I didn't like some of the colour combos I had for blue, indigo and violet, and I'd made a couple of mistakes, so I'd put it aside at the time to find better options and never did.

The next challenge was lockdown because all the shops here were closed. Luckily the internet was invented so I got online and found better colours, then unpicked the mistakes and redid them.

Finally finished! Half of it is older than my children! Better late than never! We can have the dining table back now 🤣🎉🌈😍

Friday, 16 April 2021

The Entire Content Creation Process in 17 Steps and a Single Flowchart

Been getting back into a bit of writing lately and I found this really useful:

The Entire Content Creation Process in 17 Steps and a Single Flowchart


Wednesday, 31 March 2021

5 Website Mistakes That May Harm Your Small Business

My latest article on the WebSolutionZ blog

We've been in the digital business for over 15 years, and often get asked to critique existing websites as part of planning for an overhaul. 

Frankly, the ways a digital presence can actually make life more difficult for a business, rather than improve it, are many and varied! 

Here are 5 things we see most commonly:


Thursday, 25 February 2021

Durolane day

Yesterday afternoon I had my annual Durolane injection. 

A few years ago, I learned I have a 2cm section of cartilage inside my left patella missing after years of netball, so when I bend my knee it's a rather painful bone-on-bone experience.

Durolane is like a poly filler for joints. I found out yesterday there are new brands out now too and it's getting cheaper to do, which I'll look into for next year because my insurance company has randomly decided to stop covering it.

It's not the most comfortable thing to get done even with a local anaesthetic (think big needle behind kneecap 😱), but for a year of no pain it's worth it.

This morning it's not noticeably puffy, and only a bit red from the heat pack. But it hurts like #$*@&%!, can barely put weight on. Expecting to come good again tomorrow. 👍


Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Joomla Community Magazine interview

Recently I was interviewed by the Joomla Community Magazine for the February 2021 issue.