Friday 28 August 2020

The latest online idiocy - 'brushing'

The latest online idiocy - 'brushing'. 🤷

If you receive something in the mail you didn't order - like seeds or a pen - it's likely you are the victim of a data breach, and your details are being used to generate fake reviews of online products.


Tuesday 18 August 2020

Google Shonkiness

Via The Conversation:

You may have seen a pop-up from Google yesterday warning that the tech giant’s functionality was “at risk” from new Australian government regulation.

Don’t fall for it.


Tuesday 11 August 2020

Tensions rise on coronavirus handling as the media take control of the accountability narrative

Interesting outline of the phases of media coverage. Impact and response are the first two phases, and the third is accountability, i.e. the blame game.

When an issue is close to home, local media are often slower to get to accountability than media further away, because the people who are directly impacted, and who they are directly communicating with, may still be focussed on the first two phases.