Friday 22 January 2010


We've had 2 x 3yo milestones in our house in recent times, one of which is always talked about and the other which rarely is, but should be. 

The first was toilet-training. Now, I'd heard all the warnings - "boys take longer than girls", "boys are usually older than girls", etc. etc. etc. Happily, my son decided, at approximately 2.30pm last Thursday afternoon (this is a joke but it's seriously how it seemed) that it was time for him to use the toilet and that was it - he was toilet-trained. Really. Even nights. As if I didn't already adore him enough. :>

The other outstanding milestone was... wait for it... seat-belt. Now, whenever I mention this to other parents they nod and grin but for the non-parents out there - he finally figured out how to put his own seat-belt on. Both straps, over the arm, clicked in. After 5 and a half years of hoisting small people into car seats, bending over and breaking my back while strapping them in, trying not to get soaked in the rain or sunburned during summer - all done, finished, dusted.  Joy. :>

Now, if i can just figure out how to get him off to school a year early...


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