Tuesday 16 March 2010

More Uni - What is the World Wide Web?

I'm swimming in a sea of nostalgia so far with this class. And feeling somewhat old. The thing is, I REMEMBER some of this stuff actually happening. It's not like doing a history course about stuff that happened 200 years ago. I've HEARD of Tim Berners-Lee, AND he's still alive. I HAD a version of the first MOSAIC web browser, followed by the first version of Netscape. I found a webpage that I wrote more than 13 years ago in a text editor, on the Wayback machine. I feel like some kind of pioneer, albeit one that nobody has ever heard of. :>

I did a backpacking trip in 1996 when I was working as an IT nerd at McDonald's Australia, which included 2 months in the US. I remember coming back and telling my boss that I'd seen billboards there with www. web addresses on them, and that McDonald's really should get a local .com.au website and be at the forefront of this WWW revolution in Australia - but he said it was a waste of time, mcdonalds.com would do fine. I've just now discovered the first version of www.mcdonalds.com.au is dated April 1999! So I can console myself that I may be getting old now, but once upon a time I was before my time. :>


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