Thursday 29 April 2010

Twitter madness

As part of my course I had to do an essay on a Web 2.0 app, so I chose Twitter.  I already had my own Twitter account, and (sensibly, as it turned out) I decided to setup a separate Twitter account for my university stuff - and then I decided to set up another separate Twitter account for WebSolutionZ - and then I decided to set up another separate Twitter account for another assignment that I'm currently working on, to do with web presences.  So all of a sudden I have 4 (count 'em, FOUR) Twitter accounts.  And not very much to say.

So then I decided I needed a way to manage 4 separate Twitter accounts.  So I spent a bit more time researching how people do this, and discovered TweetDeck, which is apparently one of the most popular ways to read Tweets. I duly downloaded and installed it.  The only problem was, I kept forgetting to open it, and then when I suddenly did there were 100 tweets from 4 different columns, all over the screen, and I had to scroll back a few days to catch up.  Added to that, the people on the uni account seem to use Twitter like some sort of chatroom, so there were literally pages and pages of one-line comments that I wasn't interested in, interspersed with some random things from lecturers etc. that I possibly was interested in (but couldn't easily find).

So.... then I decided to re-research.  Enter Yoono, a Firefox plug-in.  It sits on the side of your browser and a little number pops up whenever a new Tweet comes in.  You can view all at once, or individually by column.  And because I have a browser open all day every day, I don't forget it.  So, multiple-Twitter-accounts problem solved.

The problem NOW is that Twitter is a huge waste of time and I'm starting to hate it.  I have enough trouble keeping up with all the emails I get, plus kids, work, school, building a house and all the other normal stuff.  Who the frig has time to sit there reading one-liners that are mostly nonsense?  I've done an essay, I've tested, tweaked and played around and honestly... I can't see how it's adding much to my life right now.  But I can't stop....


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