Monday 17 January 2011

WEB207 - Topic 2.0 - Creating Reflective Web Media

  1. Listen to the 2.0 lecture and read over the details for assignments three and four.

  2. Skim over topics 2.1 though to 2.4 - think about which elements interest you the most, and what you might like to focus on for your Reflective Web Media Creation and the related Pitch.

  3. There are four videos below. Some have content that relates to this unit, but all are in a format and style that would make an appropriate Reflective Web Media Creation. Think about how these videos were probably constructed. What techniques were likely used and how long would it have taken to make each one? Do you think any of these videos show a style you might like to try and utilise? How else might you approach the format of your Reflective Web Media Creation?

Core Viewing:
Consider these four videos:






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