Thursday 21 April 2011

Via Mumbrella: Fairfax Media is to drop its controversial use of autoplay video

It's amazing what the threat of loss of advertising dollars can do to change a company's silly ways!  As detailed previously in this blog, Fairfax have until now insisted that users LOVE it's autoplay video "feature", and refused to remove it.  Some net users have figured out ways to stop it, thereby preventing the embarrassing sound of an autoplayed video while sneaking a look at the paper in the office.  But last month one of Fairfax's advertisers announced that they weren't going to run their client's videos on the Fairfax network because their own surveys indicated that 96% of users found the autoplaying of video annoying.

So imagine my surprise (!!) when Mumbrella reported this morning that Fairfax is now planning on dropping the autoplay videos in favour of "exciting new video formats".  One can only wonder at what stupidity they'll come up with next.


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