Sunday 10 March 2013

MAR110 Wk 2 - Buyer Behaviour

Predictably I have less to say about Week 2 - Buyer Behaviour, but not due to lack of material. Getting a bit overwhelmed! Anyway, this week is going to be just point-form notes.

Influences on consumer behaviour


  • culture,
  • cultural group (ie. ethnic group),
  • social class (combination of income/occupation/education/wealth/other variables),
  • subculture (ie. soccer hooligans in the UK, EMOs & Goths)


  • reference groups
  • membership groups (ie. your friends, 'students studying MC', 'dog owners')
  • aspirational groups (ie. 'celebrities' or 'football players')
  • opinion leaders
  • online social networks
  • family (household)
  • roles & status


  • gender,
  • age & life cycle stage,
  • occupation (ie. white collar workers need different clothes to blue collar workers),
  • education,
  • economic situation (a family's income/savings/assets),
  • lifestyle / psychographics (AIO-activities interests opinions),
  • personality & self-concept / brand personality


  • motivation (Freud - subconscious / Maslow - needs in hierarchy, satisfy most important first),
  • involvement (how important something is to you, how much risk associated with purching/consuming it ie. too expensive, teenager wearing wrong brand being laughed at),
  • perception,
  • learning (how behaviour changes as a result of our experiences),
  • beliefs & attitudes

How we make buying decisions

  1. Need recognition
  2. Information search
  3. Evaluation of alternatives
  4. Purchase decision
  5. Postpurchase behaviour

Buyer decision roles

  1. Initiator
  2. Influencer
  3. Gatekeeper
  4. Decider
  5. Buyer
  6. User

Business Buyers

  1. Problem recognition
  2. General need description
  3. Product specifications
  4. Supplier search
  5. Proposal solicitation
  6. Supplier selection
  7. Order-routine specifications
  8. Performance review
Don't worry, it means something to me :)



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