Monday 6 May 2013

Diana Ferrari WTF

I used to be a fan of the clothing store Colorado, which went belly-up in 2011. A couple of weeks ago I read this article:

Which quotes the following:
Colorado was a very successful retailer which lost its way. Even with the most valiant efforts of the retailer's new management, it's still not the same horse that it used to be.
Walker says the company's problems started when it dabbled in apparel.
"The fundamental dilemma occurred when it went from shoes into apparel. They wanted to be all things to all people, but as tempting as it is, it very seldom works."
For some time now I've been on the Diana Ferrari email list. Yes, the Diana Ferrari which is part of Fusion Retail Brands - which also owns/owned Colorado. Yes, the Diana Ferrari WHICH USED TO BE JUST ALL ABOUT SHOES. Here is their latest newsletter:

Dresses! Jackets! Knits!



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