Saturday 26 April 2014

Taking photos of sport

This morning my husband took some photos of our daughter and her friends playing netball, and some extras to use for the club website I'm about to start building.

Just take the camera along, you might think?

Oh, no no no...

Once upon a time we used to just turn up and take photos of all the kids at various birthday parties, sporting events, etc., and then give parents a nice "action" shot of their child, which was always greatly appreciated.

Last year my husband turned up and was literally chased away from the stadium by one of the elderly netball umpires.

So this is what I had to do this week to be able to take photos:
  1. Emailed all of the parents in the team (all OK).
  2. Emailed stadium administrator (told they would contact other team and get back to me).
  3. Mentioned this in a club committee meeting (told I couldn't take photos as it breached privacy laws - minor disagreement ensued as it doesn't - breached stadium by-laws - further minor disagreement).
  4. Got home, checked stadium by-laws - no mention of photography.
  5. No contact from stadium so got there early this morning to check (advised OK by stadium admin and club president, still had to check with other team).
  6. Double-checked with all parents in our team.
  7. Other team OK.
Then I casually asked the other team manager "If you like, we're happy to take some shots of your kids too, I'll put them on a CD for you and bring it along next week?". "YES PLEASE!".



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