Monday 2 June 2014

Back to the work/study shuffle today. Wish me luck!

Week 1 of DIG251 - Internet Design - Introduction. Which might look like I'm cheating, but there's a difference between web design and web development and while I try to do both, any web design I've ever done has been entirely self-taught.

The defined Learning Outcomes are:
  1. reflect on how the World Wide Web has evolved from its specialized origins to the now-ubiquitous role that it plays in our information-based society
  2. edit and optimise suitable text and graphics for web delivery with an emphasis on streamlined readability and efficient graphic formatting/compression
  3. understand and navigate copyright issues relating to the use of media and content in a digital authoring environment
  4. understand and apply basic website usability and accessibility concepts in the design production and delivery of a website using hypertext markup language (HTML5) and cascading style sheets (CSS3).
I use a different approach in my work to 4., I was there for 1. and self-taught in 2. and 3., so I'm expecting that this unit will be another of my "fill the gaps" subjects. Plus, it's a prerequisite for a couple of 3rd year units that I want to do.

The last time I created a non-CMS website in HTML was using HTML3 or HTML4, no CSS, at least 10 years ago (probably more). I used to hand-code in Notepad. I've since taught myself CSS and updated my HTML skills, but only in terms of reconfiguring paid Joomla! templates to make them look how I want. So this could be interesting! :)


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