Wednesday 20 May 2015

I've had a very Monty Python-esque morning so far...

Yesterday I discovered a large dead possum, swinging by the tail off the power pole in front of my house. Kids very worried it will come down and land on somebody's head. This morning is windy, so I called the council for advice. Was advised "If it was on the footpath, we can come and remove it. But as it's on the power structure, you need to call the electricity company". LOL! So I call the "Faults & Emergencies" line (it was neither!) and report "dead swinging possum", which as it turns out is a COMMON OCCURENCE for them and they even have a problem code for it!!

Just now I go outside and the possum is down, on the footpath. So I call the electricity company to cancel the "fault", and I'm told that they would only have removed it from the power line anyway, but would have left it on the footpath for council removal. Yes, TWO organisations must be involved in the event of a dead possum...

So THEN I call the council again, and by the end of that call, the lady and I are both in hysterics laughing. She's told me not to leave the house or look at it in case it sets me off laughing again, and she wishes she was on my Facebook so she could read my description of the event. So, yeah, that's been my morning! :D :P :)


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