Monday 28 September 2015

4 months post-surgery

No, this is not me now! From July 2014
Last Friday marked 4 months since my ligamentum teres reconstructive surgery.

I don't feel like much has changed since 3 months, to be honest! I saw the physio again a couple of weeks ago and he's really happy and doesn't need to see me again until the end of October. He said that at 3.5 months post-op, I was already where they expect people to be at 6 months, so that's a bonus. He tested the responsiveness of the new ligament compared to the other side and it all moves evenly, my leg stops rotating where it's meant to stop, I can touch my toes, so that's all good news.

I'm still incredibly stiff but that's possibly because I haven't had time to do much exercise in the last week as I had a big project due. Today I'm back on the exercise bike and cross-trainer so hopefully that will help loosen up my lower back and hips a bit.

Even though I was told it was a 6-12 month recovery, I think a part of me was expecting to be completely back to normal by now. I don't remember recovery from the previous arthroscopes taking this long - I wish I'd kept a blog for one of those procedures now so I could check! Of course, this is completely different, it's not just the outer scars healing this time but a graft healing inside my hip, and my knee recovering from the tendon removal. Logically I know all that, and it's good to see the physio every so often to reaffirm how far I've come - but some days I am just SO tired of myself. It's a really long haul back to "normal", whatever that is. I think I need a holiday. :/



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