Wednesday 4 November 2015

5 months + 1 week post-hip-op

Today I returned to the physio with 2 hours of exercise bike under my belt. He did this completely awful painful thing to my left hamstring for what seemed like an hour but was probably only 7-8 minutes, then I stood up and - wow! I can now do a quad stretch like a normal person, for the first time since the op.

The weird thing about a hip procedure like this is, after 5 months you don't know if things are hurting because of the hip, or the knee, or just sleeping funny (he's fixed my neck twice and assured me it had nothing at all to do with the hip!). So when something gets fixed that you'd just gotten used to hurting, with a week of a specific exercise plus 7-8 minutes of (fairly intense) pain, it can seem a bit magical...

Next physio visit is in 2 weeks. Between now and then I have to aim for as many 1/2 hour bike sessions or 200 calories, as possible. I suspect he's aiming to force me to lose some weight and let's be honest, I need all the help I can get!

Today I also made the follow-up appointment with Mr O'Donnell, in December. So by the end of the year, the whole neighbourhood will be up for a giggle as I attempt to jog. :/



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