Tuesday 17 May 2016

WEB300 - Web Production

My final unit! Assignment 1 was a team-based Brief to create Assignment 2, our Web Media Production (WMP).
Each team of students will create a Web Media Production (WMP) intended for web distribution, developing the visual, textual and audio content of the publication to suit a chosen subject and audience. Teams are asked to consider integrating a range of converging and participatory media (such as Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, a forum or mobile technology), and also to consider incorporating audio and video components.

The WMP should be an innovative online media product that explores and embodies convergence and participation. Students will have self-selected into groups of three preferably with a mix of strengths, which will have been outlined in the Brief. Communicating regularly and drawing on the one another's stengths and interests will help the team to work together effectively in creating the WMP.

The nature of the chosen topic will determine whether the content of the WMP is completely developed by the students or if students use photographs, images, graphics, audio, video or multimedia material sourced from the web. If students use work that is not their own original work then it MUST be attributed appropriately.

Our team, 3XMelbourne, created a WordPress website and integrated YouTube video and SoundCloud podcasts, as well as a Facebook Page and Twitter.

Our final grade was an outstanding 85 - HD! Thanks to Ian and Brett. :)


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