Wednesday 7 February 2024

Generative AI for Content Generation

Recently I've been testing #GenerativeAI tools such as #ChatGPT and #Copilot for content generation, to produce some guides on our blog. What do you think of this one?

Like any technology, it's rarely perfect. I find that in general, AI tools are useful for providing solid outlines and suggested content, and then we tweak to suit our tone and target it properly to our audience. (You can feed previous content into the AI tool to set your tone but you'll have to do that each time and if you don't it will eventually revert to this fake-sales-pitch tone which is a bit cringe). Then we run it back through AI to get the #SEO right, and run it through #accessibility tools to make sure it's all readable, before posting. (Note, the website is already SEO-optimised including accessibility so this last step is just checking the content and images for each post as we go).

A few things have become really obvious after working through this process:

1. There are now a LOT of so-called AI "experts" spouting their knowledge of AI on LinkedIn, who are (a) not experts and (b) are spouting direct copy/pastes from their Generative AI tool-of-choice. And you can tell. Unless people actually tweak and personalise, they all end up sounding exactly like everybody else doing that same thing! (I now refer to it as #AIWordSoup ) 😂 

2. Copilot (which uses ChatGPT4) produces better content than ChatGPT3.5 via OpenAI (which is to be expected).

3. Long story short - AI makes content generation much easier, but IMHO it's still better and more effective with a human touch as well.

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