Saturday 5 February 2011

Julian Assange Speaks

The Wikileaks saga has transfixed the world, with politicians and punters alike stunned by the intriguing revelations from the leaked US embassy cables. At 6pm (AEDST) on Friday 4th Februar 2011 Julian Assange, Wikileak's founder, spoke via videolink to Australians at an event in Federation Square, Melbourne.

The man Sarah Palin said should be hunted as a terrorist and whose activities Julia Gillard pre-emptively judged as "illegal" is at the centre of the debate over freedom of speech. You can watch him speak on an internet video stream here.

With only 4 days before Assange faces court on extradition charges, this could be one of the only chances to hear directly from the man at the centre of the Wikileaks controversy.

EDIT: I previously had this as an embedded video but couldn't stop it from autoplaying when the page was loaded so I've changed it to this link instead:


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