Friday 12 October 2012

Cusco, Peru

5pm Thursday 11/10, Cusco, Peru. Arrived in Cusco about 4 hours ago and I'm now starting to understand what it feels like to be affected by altitude. According to my trusty Lonely Planet, I'm 3326m above sea level, and lack of oxygen generally affects people once you hit 2500m. Even when I came off the plane into the baggage area, my head felt a bit like you do on the first day of a head cold. Four hours later and it's more intense, and I'm feeling light-headed and headache-y and a bit short of breath, which is apparently all normal. I'm onto my 3rd mate de coca, or coca tea, which is made from coca leaves and smells somewhat like dirty socks (and doesn't taste too flash either). And I'm resting watching TV, the only English-speaking channel I can find - CNN Internacional - which is entirely people arguing over the US presidential election *yawn*  Hopefully this acclimatising thing happens quickly!

PS: this is funny - I got chatting to 2 guys while waiting in line to check in at Lima airport, who live in Melbourne, in the suburb next to mine. Small world :-)

PPS: The pics are the hotel I'm staying at - beautiful!

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Location: Cusco, Peru


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