Sunday 22 September 2013

MMC140 - Wk 4: Face masks / Exercise 1

Theme & Style
Beginning with a digital photograph of a human head, use the week 4 tutorial techniques to add masks or facial embellishments (e.g. tattoos) to the underling faces.

Portraits are an opportunity to explore human identity and emotion. Such images can describe a kind of character or express an emotional state.

To do this you can use the faces as a foundation to create a more intense and focused portrayal of character. If the person in your portrait looks dreamy, then use the mask to make them look more dreamlike. If they look slightly mean, make them look intensely threatening etc.

Alternatively, to invoke a kind of specific character (e.g. devil, angel, clown or Cyborg etc.) you need to (a) identify and then (b) create, the appropriate forms, shapes, textures and colours etc. that will illustrate this idea.

I'm not sure I did this particularly well but I enjoyed this more than the Glob thing last week, and for the assignment we could choose which week to submit, so here are my 2 submissions for Exercise 1:


For context, here are some examples the tutor provided from previous students. For some reason I can't explain, I find the full-face masks a bit... creepy, so I went with a less-is-more approach:


Turns out RMIT are quite speedy at getting results back and I got a Credit for this assignment, which I'm pretty happy with. If I'm honest, I didn't spend as much time on this as I could/should have because I wasn't that excited about it, and the feedback provided was all very interesting and informative so I'm pretty happy. :)

Final Grade: 17/25 - 68% (Credit)


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