Sunday 15 September 2013

MMC140 - Wk 3: Glob imagery

Theme & Style
The theme of this assignment - what you choose to portray - is completely open. You are free to create figures, creatures, scenery or abstract compositions etc.

However, the formal style of your imagery is, by contrast, relatively fixed by the visual characteristics of our source image (the Glob.jpeg) and the techniques and processes demonstrated in the tutorial movie. Therefore, the challenge of this assignment is to exercise imaginative freedom within the constraints of a pre-defined visual style.

Building a cohesive single image from a large number of elements will require you to organise, group, plan, connect, transform and duplicate multiple image elements across multiple layers within Photoshop. However, in this assignment you shouldn’t begin with fixed ideas of a finished image. Spend some time experimenting with, and freely exploring, a range of visual ideas and forms. Be playful and let ideas emerge naturally from the forms you discover.

At some stage you will need to narrow your focus and become more organised as you work towards some distinct idea of what your image will be of, or about. But in the beginning at least, you should work with as little pre-determination as possible. To quote the Pablo Picasso “I don’t seek - I find”

I found this quite challenging - I've used Photoshop a fair bit, but never to create stuff like this and while I like to think I'm creative, if this is a benchmark then I'm clearly not! I understood the techniques but found the whole exercise a little.. boring. The first assignment is a choice between this week and next week so at this stage I'm planning on submitting next week's options purely because it looks more interesting!



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