Monday 3 August 2015

10 weeks post-surgery - physio appointment

So there I was, feeling guilty that I hadn't done the swimming part of the physio list from 2 weeks ago, and had only just gotten up to the "starting" point of 10 minutes on bike/x-trainer... turns out, "I load people up because they usually only do 20-30% anyway". Ha! Nice trick, Mr Physio!

My hip has been feeling quite stiff, which is apparently a good thing. Apparently not having a lig teres means you get used to having an overly-flexible/wobbly hip joint, but having it feeling stiff is a good thing, and how it should be. Interesting.

The two biggest things to note at Week 10 are:
  1. For several years now, I've had chronic pain across my back and around the left side of my hip. Massage, pilates, walking would all help in the short term but it always came back. I barely had a night's sleep without Panadol Osteo. Now - gone. Completely gone. Lower back is quite stiff, hips are stiff, knees are really stiff - but it's the same on both sides.
  2. My knee hurts a LOT more than the hip. I can walk almost evenly, but going up and down stairs I turn into a creaky old lady. I'm virtually incapable of a simple bend at the knee to lift my foot up behind me.
Therefore, the task for the rest of this month is to keep doing the physio, and practice the knee bend every day. The goal is to do it 6 days in a row, without any pain during or after.



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