Monday 17 August 2015

Netball World Cup 2015, Sydney

I was lucky enough to spend 2 days with my daughter at the Netball World Cup 2015 in Sydney last week. What an experience!

We attended Day 5 and Day 6 which were Qualification rounds, so we saw 6 games on each day, including the (now world champion) Australian Diamonds, NZ Silver Ferns twice and England's Roses play twice each.

Here are some of our pics:

Pretty happy with our seats :) (Even though my husband saw me on TV eating a burger doh!)

Em with the Netball World Cup trophy #NWC2015
The crowd was fantastic. We found ourselves sitting in front of the Scotland Thistles parents for one Scotland game, so we joined in cheering for #teamscotland. One of the lovely ladies even gave Em a Scotland wristband!

We have the Scotland team's mums sitting behind us for Barbados v Scotland game. Em now officially part of #teamscotland (for one game only!) :/ #NWC2015

We stayed at the Novotel, as did the NZ Silver Ferns, South Africa, Uganda and Samoan national teams, so we saw lots of netballers around the place! Em was very excited to share a lift with Maria Tutaia, NZ's 4th Centurion, who was lovely and kind enough to pose for a photo (even though we were wearing the "wrong" colours!).

And to cap off a great day.. shared a lift with Em's fave NZ player, Maria Tutaia! :)
The next morning at breakfast, we spotted Norma Plummer, ex-Australian Diamonds coach and player and current South Africa head coach. She was very happy to pose for a photo, and asked Em about netball, which position she liked to play and then eyed me and said to her "Well you look like you might get nice and tall - train hard and do what your coaches tell you and you never know". Not sure who was beaming more, Em or I!

Look who we ran into! Em with Norma Plummer, one of the greatest netball coaches ever <3 #NWC2015
FanFest was a lot of fun!

#NWC2015 Fan Fest with @emilycf3 #thingsyoudoforyourkids
We also climbed to the top of Allphones Arena to take this shot looking down at the court:

And here is Em "commentating" at Fanfest LOL:

All in all it was a fantastic experience, one we'll both never forget! :)


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