Tuesday 8 December 2015

DIG351 - Internet Dynamic Environment Design

Brag alert! Final assignment grade for 3rd year web design subject just in! Probably embarrassing if I didn't get a good mark considering what I do, but ‪#‎wheeee‬! ‪

For DIG351 - Internet Dynamic Environment Design, we had to create an e-commerce website using Wordpress.
"In DIG351 you will learn how to design an e-commerce website using WordPress as a content management system. You will develop and extend your existing skills in both technical ability and conceptual understanding. You will undertake various exercises to expand your research methods, technical expertise, and idea exploration."
The goal of my website was to market a fictional cake business using Wordpress. We were required to create our own Wordpress theme, and the ecommerce functionality was provided by the WooCommerce plugin. It utilised images taken by my cousin who runs 2LittleCupcakes, Photoshopped by me.

As the website will come down soon, here are some screenshots:

(Final result for the unit overall was an 87. Best result for any unit so far, very happy!).



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