Thursday, 16 February 2017

Joomla! User Group Melbourne

Last night I hosted my first ever Joomla! User Group meeting. For those who have known me a long time, public speaking in front of strangers is not my thing - when I was a teenager at uni I had a sleepless night and almost fainted/vomited when I had to get up and deliver a presentation to 70 classmates - which is why I'm trying to get better at it now.

I love the fact that my kids are taught and encouraged to do this at school, they're already far more confident than I ever was - we never had any focus on public speaking at school at all. I've managed to put on a confident face and bluff my way through ever since, and many people who I've met in recent times have no idea of the fear this used to inspire, but I never felt I was much good at it.

But I'm only mildly horrified watching myself on this video so I guess that's a win and things can only get better. Next month I'm even standing up and doing a presentation! Not daunted, not daunted at all... #okalittledaunted #butanyway #introvert 😬😂



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