Monday 1 February 2021

Companies on Social Media: 6 Types of User Interactions with Business

Interesting, via Nielsen Norman Group:

Summary: Users rely on social media to find out about new products or companies, conduct research, engage with content, make purchases, and seek customer support.

As part of our social-media research, we identified 6 types of interactions that users have with companies on social media. Our findings are based on data from 23 participants: a diary study with 14 participants and a usability study followed by cognitive mapping with 9 participants.  We identified the following core interactions, which are listed in an approximate order, even though they don’t always happen in this sequence:

  1. Discover: Can I find something interesting?
  2. Research: What is this? How does it work for me? How could I use it?
  3. Engage: Am I interested in the content the company posts on social media?
  4. Purchase: How can I buy it?
  5. Support: Can you help me solve a problem?
  6. Promote: How can I share my experience with others?



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