Thursday 18 February 2021

My take on the #facebooknewsban on #FacebookAustralia today

  1. Facebook are big bullies and horrible data miners and everyone agrees they shouldn't do that, but most people know they do it and keep giving them data anyway. And governments everywhere let them.

  2. Last night a media bargaining code was passed in the AU parliament and EVERY party voted for it, thus demonstrating that they're all idiots and it's political but not just restricted to one party.

  3. The legislation is faulty because if you are in government and you've previously pushed "let the market decide", then you shouldn't also decide to legislate against something the market has decided, ie. that Google and Facebook are where people choose to spend their money on ads, and not in media classifieds like they used to pre-internet.

  4. The Australian media and Murdoch are complicit in all this. They have been championing the media code all over social media because they had $ in their eyes. Yes, a healthy media is important to democracy, and yes, they are broke, but that's because the world has changed with the internet and they haven't yet found the magic bullet to make money.

  5. Google and Facebook aren't actually stealing anything. They are sharing links. This is the underlying foundation of the whole internet as designed decades ago. Tim Berners-Lee, who created the WWW, has already criticised the media code for potentially breaking the internet.

  6. Facebook have today taken a sledgehammer approach to Australia. It is traumatic to many and I get that. But if I was them, my thinking would be - small country, less than 1% of the global population, trying to throw their weight around. Let's slam a giant block on EVERYTHING today and create as much outrage as possible. When they start to see sense, let's negotiate. Classic negotiation tactic, if you're into that kind of thing.

  7. If the government had decided to use the bloody tax system we already have in place as it was intended, and if the social media companies didn't actively practice government-approved tax avoidance, the financial situation could have been handled by the tax system, maybe set up a new class for them or something, and then something set up to fund media. But nooo....


  1. the media companies, world-wide, getting together and defining new, up-to-date and modern copyright and fair-usage laws would have been better and negotiate with the platforms and browser developers to enforce proper trademark and copyright management.


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