Friday 18 October 2013

MMC140 - Exercise 2

LOVING this unit, easily my favourite so far... this was the brief for Exercise 2:

Theme & Style
This assignment could be described with the phrase Magic Happens. We want you to combine at least two separate images to create a realistic ‘Photograph’ of something that would not ordinarily be possible in real-life. From a creative perspective, we want images that explore themes like ‘magical’, ‘miraculous’, ‘surreal’ and ‘dreamlike’. From a technical perspective, this will require you to create a convincing illusion of a fictional reality. Like any good illusion, we don’t want to see evidence that the image is obviously fabricated. The audience may know they are looking at a fictional construct, but if your image follows a consistent set of visual rules and internal logic, people will happily ‘suspend disbelief’ and allow them selves to become immersed in your image.

And here are my 2 submissions:
Exercise 2A
Exercise 2A: I took this photo earlier in the year on a roadtrip around the South Island of New Zealand. At the time I laughed with my kids about the small car "chasing" us, so I thought it might be fun to have something much larger chasing us. I'm really happy with the way this turned out, particularly the reflection of the monster on the side of the car and the shadow underneath. My 7yo thought it was real!
Exercise 2B
Exercise 2B: When I saw the provided images I had an idea of making "pigs fly" in a child-like dreamscape, but had to experiment with several pig and wing options before settling on the ones I eventually used. I chose the background image from my New Zealand trip; it was one of about 20 taken at dusk from the Te Anau Glowworm Caves and I felt this one had the right tones to match the flying pigs, although I toned it down a little. Finally I added a photo I took of the moon in Feburary this year with my super-zoom lens, and then experimented with a subtle moon reflection on the water. My 10yo loves this so hopefully I achieved the "child-like" goal I was aiming for!

Final Grade: 18.5/25 - 74% (Distinction)


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