Monday 15 June 2015

Hip reconstruction - recovery, week 3

Warning - graphic images.

... See previous post - Hip reconstruction - recovery - week 2.

Day 15 - I have so many lovely friends, lots of visitors. :) :) Visited physio for the first time. "What have you been doing so far?" "Nothing! Bored!" "Good, keep doing that, see you in 2 weeks". #sigh

Day 16 - Healing... bruises are starting to look old and not-quite-so-gross:

Day 19 - Finally able to drive again! Not very far though, it hurts to sit for very long - just enough to pick kids up and drop them off!
Can finally drive! Even if I can't get out :-P #day19 #hipreconstruction #ligamentumteres #recovery
Day 23 - Hip is starting to look quite neat but the knee wound is still a bit messy:
Hip (left) looking better than the knee at the moment! #day23 #gettingbettereveryday #hipreconstruction #ligamentumteres #recovery
Week 4...


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