Monday 22 June 2015

Hip reconstruction - recovery, week 4

... See previous post - Hip reconstruction - recovery - week 3.

Day 24 - Follow-up visit with surgeon today. He seems very pleased. He said that in many orthopaedic procedures, situations arise which need to be dealt with, but my procedure was "text-book". Yay!

He gave me some photos taken during the procedure, which don't really mean much unless you know what all the bits mean. But what he also explained was something I wasn't clear on before - how the tendon is actually bolted into the bone. I had a visual of drilling a hole halfway in and then somehow fixing one end of the tendon down inside. But no - they drill all the way THROUGH, and bolt it on the outside! A bit like an ACL (knee) op - here's a picture of what THAT looks like:

(There are no images like this of my hip procedure because it's still so new).

Day 26/27 - Managed to get out of the house to watch my son play sport on Saturday morning, and to watch my daughter perform in a festival on Sunday morning. Then needed nana-naps in the afternoon. Crutches/recovery is quite tiring...



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