Tuesday 22 March 2016

APC100 - Academic and Professional Communications

In news that will surprise nobody who knows me - I didn't enjoy this unit much. Sometime in the last year or so, it became compulsory but because I started studying in 2010 when it wasn't, I'd missed doing it.

After having written countless essays with countless references and used the library countless times, I had to do an introductory unit aimed at first-time students fresh out of high school, which taught how to write an essay, how to reference and how to use the library. It was incredibly difficult to maintain motivation.

On top of that, we had to do a group project, which supposedly helps us learn how to work in group projects in the workforce. Except I've been in the workforce for 25+ years and I've never worked anywhere where they force 5 people from 5 separate departments to create a random project with nobody in charge. Recipe for disaster. Anyway...

Happily, I finished the unit with a High Distinction. I have nothing to post because I didn't create anything I'm interested in sharing. Waste of $795, IMHO!


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